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Mission & History - McKean County Community Foundation

Mission & History

The McKean County Community Foundation connects people who care with causes that matter.

Our History

For a number of years, area business and civic leaders from McKean County worked together to explore the establishment of a community foundation in the McKean County area. Their goal was to create opportunities throughout our area to serve people interested in committing long-term resources to address local needs, now and in the future.

In February 2017 the McKean County Community Foundation (MCCF) was established. The Community Foundation of the Northern Alleghenies, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, is the parent company of both McKean County Community Foundation and the Elk County Community Foundation.

Our Foundations provide donors with a simple but powerful and highly personal approach to achieving their philanthropic goals while enhancing the quality of life for the people of our region.

We are Guided by our Mission

The mission of the McKean County Community Foundation is to strengthen our region through development, stewardship, and grantmaking as donors achieve their philanthropic goals.

Our mission guides our efforts as we work with:

  • • DONORS to help them support the particular issues and organizations they care about

  • • NONPROFITS to offer grant opportunities to assist in their work and projects

  • • STUDENTS as we administer scholarships that help them get the education they need

The Community Foundation is here to help donors make a lasting and meaningful impact on their community… now and forever.

Robert Esch of the McKean County Community Foundation and William Conrad of the Stackpole-Hall Foundation and the Elk County Community Foundation, were instrumental in forming the McKean County Community Foundation in 2017.